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“Wow man, how’d you lose all that weight?” “HOT SAUCE!”

(Cholula Flavors listed: Chili Garlic, Original, Chili Lime, Chipotle) Training up to the same April 6th exhibition event, a teammate of mine dropped 14 pounds and maintained that weight loss over a month span. I asked him, “How’d you manage

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Liners – A Sprinter’s Nightmare

(Average 100 Yard American Football Field) If you have access to a track, you most likely have access to a football field. Liners. This is an exercise that makes sprinter’s nightmares. It is a conditioning workout that consists of 20

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Introductory Interval Training – A Basic Workout

So working out is something that you want to start doing, but you don’t have the time to, or are too shy, to join a gym like the one pictured. Well, kickboxing gyms all over use what’s called interval training

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Introductory Sprinting – Where To Begin

(Bob, the 93-year-old sprinter. If he can keep in shape, so can you!) Ever have those times where you want to start working out regularly, but don’t know where to begin? It’s common for everyone to want to jump into

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Introductory Dieting – How I Began, And How You Can Too

This is pretty much my, and most people’s, reaction when told they must diet. For a little backstory, please continue reading. Feel free to skip ahead to the instructional part on green smoothies and the benefits it has on replacing

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