“Wow man, how’d you lose all that weight?” “HOT SAUCE!”

Cholula_Hot_Sauce(Cholula Flavors listed: Chili Garlic, Original, Chili Lime, Chipotle)

Training up to the same April 6th exhibition event, a teammate of mine dropped 14 pounds and maintained that weight loss over a month span. I asked him, “How’d you manage to do that? What did you eat?” He replied that his diet mainly consisted of leafy green salads and tuna. When he explained that it was a grueling process, I asked him what drove him through it all. He replied with excitement, “HOT SAUCE!”

knuckleup_dar_rafMy training partner showed me that most hot sauces contain no calories and a small amount of sodium. Cholula, his particular brand of choice, proves the very same.

(Shown Right: Myself and my training partner post our exhibition fights)

So it’s evident, he’s in top level shape, ripped to shreds, and tortured himself with a diet that most people won’t take up . But that’s not what this blog is supposed to be about! And you’re right to think that way.

The reason I bring up hot sauce as a dietary tip is because it helps make eating healthy foods bearable to the average person. Many, like me, aren’t big vegetable eaters and when dieting those are the major food sources to turn to. Hot sauces provide a flavor mask to help take down foods that you don’t normally eat. It isn’t on my daily menu to have a salad, but with some additional outside flavor it helps make it bearable to take it down, especially without all the added calories and fats from dressings.

So no, I’m not forcing you to a strict diet. But in those times that you regret replacing the cheeseburger with a salad, just remember hot sauce is your best friend in making the best of what you have.

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