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darren_joyce(Shown Right: Darren and significant other Joyce at the Charles Schulz Museum in Sonoma, CA)

Darren Barrera is a current student at California State University East Bay, studying Communication under the Professional, Public, and Organizational criteria. However, his ambitions lie in his physical fitness background and hopes to utilize it to help others. The rush and spirit of competition has shaped him into who he is today, however through volunteering as a fitness coach for various stints, such as his kickboxing gym and two high school track and field seasons, he found a passion for bringing that rush out of others and helping them reach their potential.

Darren holds an extensive background in Track and Field, competing for four seasons overall, three seasons for Independence High School and one season for West Valley Community College. During his high school career, he reached a personal record of 10.78 seconds on the 100m dash, and 22.30 seconds on the 200m dash. His aspirations and work ethic motivated him to reach the California State level of competition. For his final season of Track and Field, Darren was involved in the 4×100 relay team under West Valley Community College banner. Like his high school career, hard work and dedication pushed them to compete at the California Community College state level of competition.

Currently, Darren’s focus other than schooling is on his stand-up kickboxing background. At the moment, his focus on schooling is his main priority, however once past that area of life, amateur level competition awaits his fighting career. He is involved in a gym, titled Condition & Competition Kickboxing, located in San Jose, CA. He holds four exhibition fights under his belt, all of them unsanctioned therefore declaring no wins or losses;  the fights were only for experience and as a stepping stone into competition.

Two seasons of volunteer Track and Field coaching, volunteer fitness coaching at his kickboxing gym, and personal training for competition has put Darren ahead of the curve of the majority of fitness trainers. Many trainers are certified, but have little to no experience from the competitive world. His experience has shown that these methods of fitness work, and he’s passionate about bringing it to home viewers at a pace they can handle to better their fitness lives.

Brief Examples of Competition:

– (0:21 time) 2006 CCS Finals; I am shown in the middle of the track in red; placed 2nd overall

(7:47 time) April 6th, 2013. Exhibition fight in Vallejo, CA. I am in the white.

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