Basic Warm-Up

Basic Warm-Up:

-If you have access to a 400m Track, 800m warm-up jog then:

100m drills (can go up and down the straightaway on the track) – 50m of high knees, 50m of heel-to-butt runs, 50m jogging with arm rotations forward, 50m jogging with arm rotations backwards

-If no access to a 400m Track, utilize GoogleMaps or MapMyRun to map out one half-mile (800m) route for warm-up, then:

25second stationary drills: 25s high knees, heel-to-butt, jogging in place with arm rotations forward, jogging in place with arm rotations back

Either of these warm-ups are fine to begin exercising with. The two are separated only by the individual’s location, whether they are working out at home or at a local track. These warm-ups are designed to help loosen the body and begin the work-out session. The idea of a warm-up is to prepare your muscles for rigorous work while exercising. A half-mile jog is an easy run that the average person can do, even if slowly. High knees and heel-to-butt runs are aerobic activities that promote blood flow in the legs while also loosening up the hamstring, quadriceps, calf, and shin muscles. Arm rotations while jogging are provided to loosen up the trapezius and deltoid muscles prior to arm activity.

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