Introductory Sprinting – Where To Begin


(Bob, the 93-year-old sprinter. If he can keep in shape, so can you!)

Ever have those times where you want to start working out regularly, but don’t know where to begin? It’s common for everyone to want to jump into a sport and instantly be used to it. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Everyone has to begin somewhere! Sprinting has proven to be one of the most dynamic exercises to lose weight and build defining muscle mass. Previous studies have shown that sprint interval training loses more weight at a more rapid pace than distance training and other regiments.

Sprinting is a sport that should not be taken lightly. Your body requires an introduction to the stresses sprints can put on it. This first exercise is a light cardiovascular workout that introduces sprints to your muscles and joints at a pace that is suited to your liking.

Begin first by warming up and jogging at minimum two laps around the track. Afterwards, dynamic stretching is required. These steps are necessary in order to prevent any and all injuries.

The Exercise: 50/50’s

400mShown Right: A 400m Track with 50m intervals per black dash

This is a basic 400m track used for athletes. The track has been dissected into 8 increments of 50 meters each. The idea behind 50/50’s is to alternate between jogging and sprinting at every marker, resulting in:

  • 50 meters of jogging
  • 50 meters of sprinting
  • Repeat

This workout is measured at 800 meters; two laps around the track. Each lap results in 4 sprinting and 4 jogging intervals, adding everything up to 8 sprinting and 8 jogging intervals overall.

After the workout, make sure to remember to cooldown by taking one or two more additional jogging laps around the track and finishing off with a good stretch.

Happy Sprinting!

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