Liners – A Sprinter’s Nightmare

20121008173411!American_Football_field_(NFL)(Average 100 Yard American Football Field)

If you have access to a track, you most likely have access to a football field.

Liners. This is an exercise that makes sprinter’s nightmares. It is a conditioning workout that consists of 20 sprints overall, or near 40 if you decide to come back down the pyramid.

Remember to always warm up and stretch prior to any kind of working out!

Liners Workout:

  • Begin at one end zone
  • Stride (70% of full sprint) to the 5 yard line
  • Jog back to the start
  • Stride to the 10 yard line
  • Jog back to the start
  • Repeat process, increasing strides by 5 yards until you reach the end
  • If the workout was not intense enough, you can climb the pyramid back down, stride to the 100 yards, jog back, stride 95 yards, jog back, etc.

As short and easy as a work out this may seem, this was a grueling workout that we always anticipated at the beginning of track seasons to begin our training. The strides are set so you don’t overwork the muscles with full on sprints just yet, but as you progress with better conditioning, a harder exertion can be set (bringing the strides up to 80% sprint etc.).

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